Are you ready to rule the world?

This is another clone of the beautiful turn-based strategy game.

Play the Risk Online Browser Game for free. Fight against your friends, the iirtw-AI or find some other cannon fodder.

Risk Game Interface

I respect your privacy and I don't want to bug you. Simply choose your credentials and enter your email adress. Thats it!

Free Risk Online Browser Game

This is a private project created just for fun. Please sign up to create a player account. It is not possible to play without an account because your earned score will always be saved in your profile. It is completely free and I dont't want to bug you by asking for your private data. Just an email adress is required to be able to notify you in special cases.

I have created a halfway smart AI and you will love to kill it! This project was launched in march 2016 and I hope you will enjoy it.